The Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards has provided a toolbox of resources for graduate students to take advantage of. This toolbox will prepare engaged students for effective meetings with the Office. The detailed resources provided include overviews of popular fellowship elements, pro-tips from graduate students who have won awards from previous fellowship cycles, video walkthroughs, and external links to aide in strengthening your fellowship application materials.  

The Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards is determined to prepare graduate students with the skills of composing competitive award applications and applying to fellowships. The Office views these skills as part of the graduate student professional development experience. Please use the resources provided here to aide in your graduate school career growth. Questions? Please contact the Office at  

Elements of an application

Additional Information

The Office has provided information in addition to the toolbox elements. The areas provided below are also important to consider when preparing fellowship applications.


Consult with your adviser to ensure that you compile a sound budget. Be prepared to provide explanations for the budgeted items such as travel costs, maintenance allowance, research expenses, and university or affiliation fees. Neither overestimate nor underestimate your budget as this is a central way reviewers will determine the feasibility of your project. If your funding needs exceed the amount of the fellowship or award, explain your plans to secure funding for the remaining costs. 


Timeline of Work Plan  

If you are required to submit a timeline or work plan, set realistic goals for the different stages of your work. On a visual note, prepare a well-organized document using graphic organizers, columns, or an outline to facilitate comprehension. Certain fellowships and awards require recipients to complete their projects by the end of the award period. If you are applying for this type of support, allow enough time for the revision process! 

Sponsor/Host Approval 

If you are traveling in the United States or abroad, you may have to submit proof of your pre-arrangements and affiliations you have already lined up. This could entail a letter of invitation or support from a sponsor or host. Check the guidelines closely for which types of organizations can serve as a host and how that affiliation should be communicated. Check out these tips on establishing a contact abroad

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