Reaching the Community

HSF Open House

The Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House is having an Open House and you are invited! This event will take place throughout the building and is the perfect chance to learn about the programs and opportunities available to students and faculty at HSF. Participate in the Information Quest and enter for a chance to win a raffle. We will also be offering free food and swag from different departments.

The offices and programs that will be in attendance to learn more about: The Honors Program, the Honors Student Association, the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE), the Office of National Fellowships, the Graduate School Enrollment team, the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards, Fellows Society, and the Program for Instructional Excellence.


UROP Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is an annual showcase where undergraduate student researchers present their work to the university community. The event is organized by the Center of for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement. Each year the event occurs at the end of the spring semester to commemorate the hard work that students have been participating in throughout the academic year. At the event, the Digital Narratives Project discussed the importance and impact of the graduate student work. They also explained how the project shares its work through storytelling, videography and social media.

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Broader Impacts Fair

The Broader Impacts Fair is a unique opportunity for FSU researchers to network with groups engaged in education and outreach work from nearly twenty campuses and community organizations. The event is organized by the Office of Proposal Development. The various organizations that contribute to the event come from areas such as community outreach, student education, research commercialization, and science communication. At the event, researchers are given the chance to discuss how their work will impact more than just their scientific field. The Digital Narratives Project explained how it employs storytelling, videography and social media to share the impact of the graduate students. They also highlighted the importance and impact that the work of graduate students has on the community.

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Discovery on Parade

Discovery on Parade is a special event showcasing local innovation with a worldwide impact. The event is organized by the FSU Office of Commercialization. The community event gathers researchers, innovators, and creative professionals from FAMU, FSU, and TCC. The event takes place at the Turnbull Center, where members of the community gather to hear about the discoveries happening within Tallahassee. At the event, the Digital Narratives Project described the importance and impact of the work graduate students do. They also highlighted how the project employs storytelling, videography and social media to share their research.


Honors, Scholars, and Fellows Open House

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Math and Physics Fun Day

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FSU: The #1 Choice

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