The Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards (OGFA) assists current FSU graduate students with articulating their interests and ambitions in support of identifying and applying for external fellowships, scholarships, grants, and awards. We offering individual tailored guidance with careful review of application materials for the submission of external fellowship and award applications. We also regularly offer departmental presentations, meetings, and classes. Our workshops are designed to cover both the basics of applying for external funding as well as in-depth advice for pursuing specific funding opportunities.

  • Advice on the application process including:
    • how to identify awards that are a good fit
    • how to conduct a funding search, and
    • how to get started with the fellowships application cycle
  • Assistance with applications, including draft revisions
  • Guidance on relevant campus policies and procedures related to fellowships and awards

Will I be able to meet with a Fellowship Advisor virtually?

Yes, to schedule an appointment, click the LET’s MEET tab above.

Am I eligible to apply for fellowships as a new student?

Yes, students are eligible to apply for fellowships and awards throughout their graduate program. The award mechanism will define the eligibility requirements.

What types of awards are available?

The funding opportunities are numerous. They include funding to travel and conduct research, funding to learn a language, funding to complete your dissertation, and funding that supports students based on their demographics and interests. Request a meeting today to begin your tailored funding search.

Where can I find information about fellowships and awards?

The links to various funding databases can be found on the OGFA website under the Funding Databases https://ogfa.fsu.edu/find-funding/databases. The first database listed, Pivot, can only be accessed by students with an active FSU email address. In addition to Pivot, you may find the other databases listed below helpful: These databases are open to public search.

I am not a U.S. citizen, can your office still assist me?

Yes. We work with ALL current FSU graduate students. You may also want to check out our resource booklet Fellowships and Awards for International Students.

When should I start pursuing external fellowships and awards?

It's never too early to start pursuing external funding. There is funding available for graduate students at every stage of graduate education. Also, check out our suggested timeline for preparing your application.

Can you help me with funding to attend or present at a conference?

The first place to look for conference travel funding is the conference webpage. You should also check out the conference funding available through FSU's Congress of Graduate Students. If you are a doctoral student at the dissertation stage, the Graduate School's Dissertation Research Grant may be another potential funding source, since it can be used for travel, provided it is directly relevant to your dissertation research.

How do I stay up to date on information related to fellowships and awards that I may be eligible to apply for?

At the beginning of every month, an Upcoming Fellowships and Awards Deadline booklet with be sent to your email via Canvas along with other Funding Alerts and information related to upcoming workshops.

What type of workshops will be offered this semester?

Every semester OGFA offers professional development workshops that focus on engaging students in pursuing external fellowship and awards that are a good fit for their area of study, research and work. All workshops are intended to assist students with the submission of external fellowship and award applications. Future workshops can be found here: https://ogfa.fsu.edu/resources/workshops once posted. Every two weeks, OGFA offers an Info Session to assist students in jumpstarting the process of identifying and applying for awards.

How far in advance of a deadline do I need to start working with OGFA?

While it is never too early to begin working with our office in your funding search, we suggest beginning an application at least 2-3 months before the deadline Suggested application timeline.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in the Graduate School Suite (4001E) on the 4th floor of the Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House (HSF) at 127 Honors Way. This building is also known colloquially as the "Chick-fil-A building." It is located to the southeast of Strozier Library, between Cawthon Hall and the William Johnston Building on Landis Green.

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