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Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards


The Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards assists current FSU students with articulating their interests and ambitions in support of identifying and applying for external fellowships, scholarships, grants, and awards. Through our holistic approach, we are able to walk alongside students throughout the entire application process, offering tailored guidance at every step along the way. We regularly offer presentations and discussions for colleges, departments, meetings, and classes. Our workshops are designed to meet students where they are, covering both the basics of applying for external funding as well as in-depth advice for specific funding opportunities. The core expression of our mission, though, is the individual support we offer to students through one-on-one meetings, custom advice, and careful review of application materials.

Funding Alerts

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship

The International Peace Scholarship provides scholarships for selected international women for graduate study (coursework and/or research combined) in the United States and Canada. Members of P.E.O. believe that education is fundamental to world peace and understanding PEO International Peace Scholarship Policies.
March 1, 2020 (Application materials)

The Dan David Prize

The Dan David Prize annually awards twenty scholarships of $15,000 each to outstanding doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, carrying out research in one of the selected fields, Cultural Preservation & Revival | Gender Equality | Artificial Intelligence for the current year. Ten scholarships are awarded to students at universities throughout the world and ten scholarships to students at Tel Aviv University. The Dan David Prize scholarships are merit based. Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers who study at recognized universities throughout the world are eligible to apply.
Deadline: March 10, 2020

National Association of Social Workers Foundation (NASW)

Fellowships help provide financial resources to support students pursuing a variety of social work specialties. Foundation fellowships include the Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship and the Jane B. Aron Doctoral Fellowship. The Aron Fellowship is currently supplemented by, and is part of, the Social Work HEALS program, funded in 2014 by a generous five-year grant from the New York Community Trust Robert and Ellen Popper Scholarship Fund. A total of five Social Work HEALS Doctoral Fellowships will be awarded each year during the anticipated five year funding period along with one Jane B. Aron Doctoral Fellowship and four Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial MSW Scholarships, which are also currently supplemented and administered through Social Work HEALS.  
Deadline: March 11, 2020

FSU Black Alumni Walter T. King Scholarship

The Walter T. King Scholarship was established within the FSU Black Alumni Scholarship Fund by Andrea King Friall, MD, and Eric S. Friall to provide support for first generation college students enrolled in the FSU College of Medicine (M.D. Degree Program). The Walter T. King Scholarship serves as a lasting tribute to Dr. Friall’s father for his love, support and dedication to opening doors for his daughter to be the first physician in the family.

During the 2020-2021 academic school year, the FSU BA will award a $1,000 Walter T. King Scholarship to one (1) deserving medical student enrolled in the M.D. Degree Program. This one-time scholarship award will be distributed to the selected recipient during Fall 2020, unless specified otherwise.
Deadline: March 13, 2020

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

Award Amount: $10,000 Overview: Dr. Anita Borg devoted her adult life to revolutionizing the way we think about technology and dismantling barriers that keep women and minorities from entering computing and technology fields. Recipients of the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship will each receive a $10,000 award for the upcoming academic year.
Deadline: March 31, 2020

P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education Grant

The P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education (PCE) is intended to provide one-time need based grants to women who are citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States or Canada for use in completing a degree or certification necessary for improving or gaining skills leading to employment. The maximum grant is $3000.
See Eligibility Requirements for Detailed Info on Application Requirements and Deadlines.

Spring 2020 Workshops

All students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

Funding your graduate education: database search

January 15 | 1:00 pm | HSF 3009 ; January 28 | 9:00 am | HSF 3009; February 14 | 2:00 pm | HSF 3009

Identifying prospective external funding opportunities is the first step to applying for fellowships and awards. In this interactive session you will learn how to jump start your fellowship and award search using the comprehensive funding database Pivot as well as other external award databases. Create an account in Pivot prior to the workshop. Please bring your laptop or tablet.


Personal statement for non-native english speakers

January 27 | 12:00 - 1:30 pm | Hecht House | Register

In this session, Dr. Jennifer Grill and Dr. Maria Mendoza, faculty in the Center for Intensive English Studies (CIES), will cover the vocabulary, phrases, and organizational patterns needed to draft a strong personal statement suited for various kinds of fellowship applications. Participants will be invited to attend Writing Sessions later in the semester where community, time, space, and assistance will be provided to help with strengthening writing skills and revising draft documents.

International Scholar Writing Session
February 3 | 12:30 - 2:30 pm | Hecht House | Register

Do you need to draft a personal or research statement for a fellowship or award application? Here are a few quiet hours for you to write and receive help with strengthening your writing skills and revising drafts of your documents.

fulbright u.s. student program workshop series

The Office of National Fellowships (ONF) and the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards (OGFA) will host info session about various Fulbright award programs. There are multiple dates and times scheduled for each type of Fulbright award to accommodate different schedules. All workshops will take place in the Honors, Scholars, and Fellows House (HSF) 3008.

Academic Grant - study and research grants and the application process
Arts & Creative Projects - creative opportunities available through Fulbright including the Fulbright National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship
English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Awards - English Teaching Assistant awards and the application process
Academic Grant/English Teaching Assistant Awards - Thursday, April 16 | 2:00 pm 

Writing THE curriculum vitae (cv) Workshop & Lab

February 5 | 11:00 - 12:30 pm | HSF 3009 | Register

Megan Crowe, Graduate Liaison for the Career Center, will facilitate a workshop on how to tailor the Curriculum Vitae and/or Resume for a fellowship/award application. We will discuss how the mission of a fellowship sponsoring agency affects this content. Bring a hard copy of your CV or Resume for review.


Writing well: drafting successful fellowship application statements

February 20 | 3:00 - 4:00 pm | HSF 3009 | Register

Your ability to communicate your ideas in writing will directly impact your success in applying for fellowships and awards. In this workshop, Dr. Blake Jones, Postdoctoral Research (Department of Biology) will discuss the characteristics of good (and bad) writing and teach specific strategies for producing clear, coherent, and concise writing in competitive award applications.


ProfessioNOLE Branding and communication workshop

February 26 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm | HSF 3009 | Register

Have you been told you need a LinkedIn or website portfolio? Do you have a portfolio but are unsure of what to include in it? Effective professionals understand and can communicate their value and unique assets (personal brand) to others in the work world. This workshop provides and overview of branding and communications concepts and engages students in exercises to help them begin creating and promoting their own personal brand.


Writing THE curriculum vitae (cv) Workshop & Lab

March 10 | 2:00 - 3:30 pm | HSF 3009 

Megan Crowe, Graduate Liaison for the Career Center, will facilitate a workshop on how to tailor the Curriculum Vitae and/or Resume for a fellowship/award application. We will discuss how the mission of a fellowship sponsoring agency affects this content. Bring a hard copy of your CV or Resume for review.

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