Funding Databases

The following are databases of funding opportunities for graduate students. You can create an account on Pivot free of charge with your FSU email address. The rest of the databases are public and free to use.



Database with 27,000+ funding opportunities that allows you to set up searches and alerts. FSU's Office of Research pays for FSU students, faculty, and staff to have access to Pivot.

Fellowship Finder | University of Illinois

The Illinois Database of Grants and Fellowships for Graduate Students. Allows you to tailor your search based on field, citizenship, stage of study, award type, and eligibility.

George Mason University Graduate Fellowships List

A list of major fellowships with links, as well as a substantial collection of documents listing fellowships in particular disciplines or for particular demographics.


Search for awards from among 625 scholarships, grants, fellowships, and postdoctoral awards. You can search by amount, academic level, general discipline, award type, demographics, and citizenship.

GradFund | Rutgers

Search for funding opportunities by degree, discipline, citizenship, stage of study, and activity.

Research Funding | Duke

A substantial database maintained by Duke University.

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