Curriculum Vitae


Your curriculum vitae is not just a long résumé. In some instances the CV is similar to a résumé without a page limit and with a few additional categories. In other instances, particularly when applying for fellowships, you may be asked to submit a 1 or 2-page CV, meaning that you may have to make difficult decisions about what to include. Your CV should always include information about your education, your research experiences, and your publications, but there are a number of other potential categories that you may choose to include depending on the fellowship. Just like every other component of your application, your CV should be tailored for each application. For instance, for an application for a fellowship focused on teaching science you would want to highlight your teaching experience (i.e., move it earlier in the CV). For a research-focused award, your teaching accomplishments would go farther down your CV so that your research experiences could move up. Below are some additional resources for preparing your CV.


Watch this video to learn a few tips and tricks on how to improve your CV.


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