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    2018 Annual McKnight Meeting

McKnight Doctoral and Dissertation Fellows

The McKnight Fellowship Program is a state-wide program administered through the Florida Education Fund (FEF). The program is designed to address the under-representation of African American and Hispanic faculty at colleges and universities in the state of Florida by increasing the pool of citizens qualified with Ph.D. degrees to teach at the college and university level. As a by-product, it is expected that employment opportunities in industry will also be expanded. The McKnight Doctoral Fellowship provides up to five years of funding support for newly enrolled African American and Hispanic graduate students who intend to seek a Ph.D. degree. When funding is available, the FEF also offers the McKnight Dissertation Fellowship, which provides up to one year of stipend support to graduate students working to complete dissertations. If you have further questions about the Dissertation Fellowship, contact us.

2018-2019 Doctoral Fellows

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Dionne Wilson

Curriculum & Instruction

This is a pivotal stepping stone

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Herman Autore


Just one more line of code

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James Brown


I hope to pay it forward

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Nella Delva

Biomedical Sciences

Transform my passion into a tool

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Valeria Rigobon

Developmental Psychology

Committed to enhancing my scholarly abilities


2018-2019 Dissertation Fellow


Estee Hernandez

Higher Education



McKnight Fellows Annual Meeting

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