3-Part Grants Workshop

Three-Part Grants Workshop

Registration is NOW Open! You must register by February 15th to attend and participate in the workshop series.

The Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards is partnering with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the Office of Research to host three interconnected workshops to assist postdoctoral scholars and graduate trainees with the preparation of extramural applications for grants. Not familiar with how to prepare a competitive fellowship or grant application packet with your mentor to support your independent research? This workshop is for you!

Scholars and trainees that participate in all three sessions and submit their proposal to an extramural agency are eligible to receive an intramural grant award that is used to support training-related expenses of their research project ($1000 graduate trainees, $1,500 postdoctoral scholars). These scholarships are generously provided by the Office of Research VP for Research, Dr. Stacy Patterson. Trainees must attend all 3 workshop components and submit the extramural application to be eligible for scholarship funding.

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PART I - Overview of Grant Opportunities by Experienced Faculty
In this session, participants will learn methods of competitive grantsmanship, the role of the mentor/sponsor training plan, eligibility criteria for different extramural programs, and they will receive an overview of the required grant components that formulate a competitive fellowship/grant application packet. Different grant programs will be discussed on each day. Full workshop details for Parts I, II, and III can be found here.

  • February 22 | 1-3:30 PM | Dodd Hall, Room 103 DHA 
  • February 23 | 1-3:30 PM  HSF, Nancy Marcus Great Hall, 4th Floor


This session is an optional opportunity for participants to meet our new VP for Research, Dr. Stacy Patterson, and fellow FSU colleagues that have successfully navigated the process of preparing and submitting a fellowship or grant application. They can provide guidance on best practices and help with the ins and outs to demystify the complexity of the fellowship/grant submission process!

  • April 12 | Time and Location TBD

PART II - Peer Writing Groups to Evaluate Specific Aims
Participants will work in peer writing groups with a faculty moderator to help craft the Specific Aims page. Participants will be assigned a grouping based upon their career level and the desired grant mechanism they have selected. Students and trainees will have access to each others writing prior to the workshop day so they can provide helpful criticism to others in their peer group. Professional critiques will be shared by their faculty moderator with their research mentor.

  • May 17, 18, or 31 | Zoom | Time TBD 

PART III - Engage in the Review Process
Applications will be reviewed, critiqued and scored by reviewers in a simulated mock study section. Participants will prearrange a 5-member faculty panel with experts in their research area to serve as grant reviewers of their full application or research plan. Research mentor will chair this session while each participant records their critiques to modify their application internally before submitting it to the funding agency.

  • July 26, August 2, or August 9 | Zoom | Time TBD
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