Taylor Darks

Taylor Darks

"There is always more to discover"

College: Social Sciences and Public Policy
Degree Program: Sociology
Degree: Doctorate

Awards: FAMU Feeder Fellowship (2019), McKnight Dissertation Fellowship (2023)


Why FSU?

Aside from Florida State University having one of the top Sociology programs in the country, I genuinely enjoy the staff, faculty, and my cohort. I think that loving and enjoying your academic and working environment is key to flourishing no matter the situation.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

I have always looked up to those in higher education and have had a desire to help and educate others. As an undergraduate student at Florida A&M University (FAMU), I was inspired most by my professors. Without their captivating lectures I don’t know where my educational journey may have taken me. They directly inspired my research questions, curiosity, and desire to educate others.

Importance of research and work

My goal is to study policy and political development. I specifically look at policies that attempt to remedy historical wrongs. For example, slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow laws being remedied with reparations, grants, or required educational curriculums.

Career aspirations

My goal is to apply my educational background to my everyday work. An ideal job would be a policy analyst position where I can look at the impacts and creations of different policies.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school

Surround yourself with those who see your vision, and don’t be afraid to dive into the unknown. Graduate school, in a lot of ways, is the unknown. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and not limit yourself to what you are comfortable with. Do your research and ask around, but make sure you make the decision for yourself. If this is where you are meant to be, you will feel it.


I am a 2020 recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Education Scholarship as well as the Sociology Graduate Student Service Award. I am also a recipient of the FAMU Feeder Fellowship and was recently awarded the McKnight Dissertation Fellowship (2023). In my spare time I enjoy writing and have signed a publishing deal with Harper Collins for Be Black Girl Be (Summer 2024)