Roxanne Oluwalowo

Roxanne Oluwalowo

”Education is a vehicle of success”

College: Communication and Information
Degree Program: Information
Degree: Doctorate

Awards: McKnight Doctoral Fellowship (2023)

Why FSU?

I believe the Florida State University iSchool has the curriculum, the faculty, and the credentials to prepare me for the road ahead. I have worked at FSU for over six years now, and I have had the privilege to work with iSchool students, faculty, and staff. Each encounter has broadened my understanding of the possibilities and opportunities for professional growth within this department.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

One of my core values is creating a safe space for others to learn and grow, despite their starting point. I believe a person who understands their health information will make decisions to improve their health outcomes. Through this program, I hope to acquire the skills to investigate, create, publish, and contribute substantial research that will advance sustainable, patient-centered outcomes in health informatics and technologies.

Importance and/or impact of research and work

The integration of patient-centered care and information technology aren't novel to healthcare practices; however, there is plenty of room for advancement. Therefore, creating spaces for patients to effectively communicate their values to their physicians, family, and other health practitioners will build a community of support. In turn, the patient has a higher probability of seeking professional advice, using resources, and becoming a more proactive participant in their care. Through the integration of data mining, data analysis, and prediction models we can create technology that rewards the patient's good health behaviors, improves the health outcomes, aids the physician with generating individualized recommendations for each patient, and reduces the errors often found in patient files. My research will focus on evaluating and improving communication platforms to eliminate the barriers to patient-centered care for both the patient and the practitioners.

Career aspirations

I look forward to becoming a tenured-faculty at a university that focuses on both undergraduate and graduate development. I'd like to become a grant-funded researcher and publish on various topics in health informatics.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school

Anyone considering graduate school should choose a program that offers substantial knowledge and opportunity for growth in topics of genuine interest. The applicant should also research and apply to various funding opportunities including travel grants, research grants, fellowships, internships, and co-ops. Lastly, create a decision rubric based on the professors, their research, students' success, the department's community impact, and available funding.

Accomplishments during graduate career

I was accepted into the PhD program in the FSU School of Information, I was awarded the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship, and I a happy wife and mother.