Mohammadreza Paraan

Mohammadreza Paraan

"Graduate degree prepares you to discover."

College: Arts and Sciences
Degree Program: Molecular Biophysics
Degree: Doctorate


Why FSU?

The Molecular Biophysics program offered a variety of research fields and was suited to my background.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

Doing research and experiencing what it is like to discover.

Importance of research and work

After joining the molecular biophysics program I chose structural biology by cryo-electron microscopy as my focus and my field of research. Structural biology is at the heart of understanding the building blocks of life in health and disease.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school

In my opinion, and probably many others, grad school has two overarching themes. One is learning and practicing critical thinking. The other is developing very specific skills. Make sure these are what you are looking for in your career.

Accomplishments during graduate career

I am proud of having a publication in the journal Science Advances, of receiving the Kasha Award by the Institute of Molecular Biophysics, and lastly, of being a finalist in the Three Minute Thesis competition. 

Career aspirations

Understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurons.


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