Jessica Gardner

Jessica Gardner

"My son deserves the entire world."

College: Communication and Information
Degree Program: Integrated Marketing Communication
Degree: Master's

Award: FAMU Feeder Fellowship (2019)


Why FSU?

The FAMU Feeder Fellowship.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

The opportunity to provide my son with a good lifestyle. I had my son at an early age. As a single mom, it was hard to provide for my son without a degree. I completed my bachelor’s degree and thought it would be good enough. After researching jobs in my career field, I soon discovered how limited my opportunities were without a graduate degree. The workforce in today’s society is extremely competitive, so I decided a bachelor’s degree would not be sufficient. I knew I needed to further my education. My son deserves the entire world. As his sole provider, it is my job to ensure he grows up with everything he could possibly need. A graduate degree is vital in making that possible. My motivation is my son.

Importance of your research and work

Since I was a young girl, it was a dream of mine to open an Alzheimer’s foundation. Watching my grandmother endure the pain inflicted by the disease was unbearable. The work that I plan to embark on after completing my master’s degree will help fund this foundation. Eventually, when I open a marketing firm, I plan to allocate a portion of the money to an Alzheimer’s foundation. I will make my mark in the business world and use that success to help the countless individuals who suffer from this agonizing disease.

Career aspirations

In summer 2020, I plan to intern for a prominent marketing or public relations firm in either New York City or Orlando. This internship will pave the way for my career. Upon completion of my master’s degree, I hope to secure a permanent position in the company I interned with and start my career from there. Within five to ten years, I plan to attain enough experience in the marketing field to open my own firm. I envision building a marketing corporation that represents the brand of top names across the globe.

Advice for anyone considering graduate school

Graduate school is vital in today’s economy. There is a great deal of competition in the workforce. I discovered early on I would need to further my education to be successful. College is an investment in your future. Make yourself the first choice of every employer. Go the extra mile in getting an extra degree. Choosing graduate school is the best choice I have ever made for my future