Jasmin Graham

Jasmin Graham

"Using science to change the world."

Department: Arts and Sciences
Degree Program: Biology
Degree: Master’s

Award: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2017)


Why FSU?

The FSU Department of Biology has excellent research facilities and an ongoing smalltooth sawfish project.

What motivated you to pursue a graduate degree?

I’m interested in entering into marine conservation policy as a career.

Importance of your research and work

I am currently researching the critically endangered species smalltooth sawfish and how their movements may lead to increased exposure risk to commercial fisheries. My work pertains mainly to the southeast region of the U.S., but this work must be done all over the world to be a true conservation effort. There is a huge disconnect between the scientific community and public policy, which I hope to help change  in the future so that there is a more unified conservation effort from multiple communities.

Advice for prospective graduate students

I think it is important to take time to do some self reflection and figure out what it is you hope to get out of graduate school, if you need it to get to where you want to go. It is really important to have a goal that you are working toward on those tough days.

Accomplishments during graduate career

I’m a recipient of the NSF GRFP. I’ve  conducted several successful sawfish surveys, presented at Sharks International, mentored an undergraduate student, worked with Saturday at the Sea to promote marine science education, and served as the outreach coordinator for the graduate organization Ecology and Evolution Research Discussion Group.

Career aspirations

During my undergraduate journey, I worked on several projects focused on detrimental human effects on ecosystems the environment. One project that really stood out was performing an autopsy on a whale and finding plastic bags in its stomach. To that end, my future career goals include translating scientific research to marine conservation policy and communicating cutting-edge science to the public.