Ester Hernández Esteban

Ester Hernández Esteban

College: Arts and Sciences
Degree Program: Hispanic Literature and Cultural Studies
Degree: Doctorate

Why FSU?

When I was looking into different schools for my PhD, my major professor recommended that I apply to FSU. I was able to see that FSU’s Spanish program offered a strong academic program of study and a competitive teaching assistantship at the same time. I was also offered a scholarship and other funding opportunities for my research. FSU also has a strong international community, which is very important to me.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

I have always been in an academic environment, and I wanted to continue my studies in the United States. In the future, I hope that my graduate degree will help me continue my career in education.

Importance of your research and work

My research is important because it analyzes the literary work of artists who are in between spaces such as gender, nationality, or race in Spain after the global economic crisis in 2008. Usually subjectivities like these are described by other people, but now they are using their voice, owning their narrative, and representing themselves. It is very important to analyze and give visibility to these new voices because they are usually underrepresented. I hope that my study adds to the current line of investigation about a shift in subjectivity in contemporary Spain.

Advice for prospective graduate students

I recommend to anyone looking into getting into graduate school to do research on the program that they want to get into and see how it fits their academic needs. You should look into the courses that are offered, funding opportunities, requirements, and the professors in the program. It is always useful to contact the professor in charge of graduate studies with any doubts that you may have about the program. They are usually very helpful.

Accomplishments during your graduate career

I have been able to present my research at prestigious conferences like the Modern Language Association and some of their regional conferences like SAMLA and NEMLA. I have also served as president of our chapter of Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honors Society) and the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society for two years. During my presidency, I presented at the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese conference, and our chapter was named an Honor Chapter for its outstanding activities. Personally, I also won the Gabriela Mistral Award, a prestigious award of Sigma Delta Pi. I am very proud of these accomplishments as they are a recognition of the hard work that we do in this organization at FSU to share our passion for Spanish.

Career aspirations

I would like to find a job as a professor in a liberal arts college so I can keep teaching Spanish and the culture of Hispanic countries. I hope that I can transmit my passion for Spanish to more students inside and outside of the classroom with events like the ones that we organize at Sigma Delta Pi.