Demetrius Rice

Demetrius Rice

"Access to academic and professional resources."

College: Education
Degree Program: Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies
Degree: Doctorate

Award: Bernard J. Michel Scholarship (2019)


Video Credit: Enrique Toledo

Why FSU?

Prior to selecting FSU to pursue my graduate degree, I met with a few of the faculty and staff members in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies (ISLT) program to get a sense of what working with them would be like and to gain a sense of the environment of the program. After meeting with the ISLT faculty and staff, I felt comfortable attending FSU and was surprised to learn that FSU faculty had produced much of the leading models and practices in the instructional design field.

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

When I realized that my career plans would always be rooted in education, I knew that a graduate degree would expose me to expertise, resources, and experiences that would enhance my scholarly and professional prowess.

Importance and impact of research

My research focuses on career and technical education with a special emphasis at the K-12 level. My research goal is to design opportunities for K-12 educators and students, particularly in populations that are underrepresented in the technical career field, to develop the career skills and technical competencies needed to successfully enter and advance in today’s workforce.

Advice for prospective graduate students

Gain some practical experience, establish a career plan, and then choose the graduate school program based on how it fits into your career plans.

Accomplishments during graduate career

In summer 2019, I led an Institutional Review Board (IRB) pilot study of an instructional training framework that I am developing as part of my graduate research. I’m proud of this accomplishment because it was my first time leading the overall research process including the IRB paperwork and the logistics of the study. I am currently a McKnight Doctoral Fellow and a board member of the Tallahassee Science Society.

Career aspirations

My career goals revolve around my commitment to education and the continuous efforts to prepare K-12 students for postsecondary success. To accomplish these goals, I plan to stay abreast of the most effective instructional design practices and training approaches and use them to inform my decision-making during development of experiential learning opportunities.