Andrea Tillet

Andrea Tillet

"Drink coffee. Work hard. Repeat."

College: Business
Degree Program: Accounting
Degree: Doctorate

Awards: McKnight Doctoral Fellowship (2017); AICPA Bill Ezzell Scholarship (2019)


Video Credit: Enrique Toledo and Samantha Klupchak

Why FSU?

I completed a Bachelor's of Science in accounting and a master's of accountancy at Florida State University and could not think of a better place to pursue a doctoral degree. The faculty are supportive and the environment is friendly in the College of Business

Motivation to pursue a graduate degree

My motivation to pursue a graduate degree stems from my interest in the accounting field and broad experience as a standard-setter and advisory manager at an international public accounting firm. My time at the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) coupled with my practical experience as a manager in an international accounting advisory firm exposed me to a plethora of unsolved questions and real-world financial and accounting challenges that I intend to research during my doctoral studies. These experiences have led to a strong commitment to the study and practice of accounting.

Importance and/or impact of research and work

My research examines the synergies and challenges between auditors and advisors in an accounting setting, which is informative given the large presence of accounting advisors and consultants in the field. I am also interested in studying the effect of various accounting standards put forth by the FASB and auditors' ability to adapt to changes in the financial reporting environment resulting from these standards.

Accomplishments during academic career

I presented my research in a "shark-tank" style competition at one of our large annual conferences and was so proud of myself for having the guts to do it and for doing it well. I received feedback from top academics in our field and senior practitioners who I would not have encountered had I not applied for this opportunity with the support of my advisor, Dr. Allen Blay.

It is an honor to be a McKnight Doctoral Fellow, AICPA Minority Doctoral Student Fellow, and a member of the The PhD Project sponsored by KPMG. I am an active licensed CPA in the State of Florida and a member of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the American Accounting Association (AAA).

Advice for anyone considering graduate school

It is tough and somewhat scary in the beginning, but you get better. The work never gets easier, but you learn how to manage your time and find time for the things you want to focus on. Be patient with yourself throughout the process.

Career aspirations

I want to continue to feed my passion for curiosity through ongoing research at a top-tier research university and one day be the department chair of an accounting program.