"Breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings."


Rasheda Haughbrook
McKnight Doctoral Fellowship


My name is Rasheda Haughbrook and I am a doctoral candidate in the field of Developmental Psychology. I have always been interested in understanding what makes us who we are, and how our environments shape our outcomes. I study different genetic and environmental factors that influence how students achieve, focusing primarily on twin samples. I have a particular interest in better understanding the factors that influence achievement and outcomes in minority and low socioeconomic status communities. These communities are often described as at risk for poor achievement, so I want to figure out what risk factors and protective factors look like for these groups in order to encourage success.

Being awarded the McKnight fellowship has been great for my graduate career! Because I haven’t had to worry about funding, I have been able to focus on my areas of interest and my research. Becoming a McKnight also provided me with a built-in network of professionals and PhD’s that can relate to me, my process, and different issues I might face as a woman of color. Moving forward, it is my goal to become a research professor, and perpetuate the same level of mentoring that I have received.