Say It In 6

Could you tell your story in just six words? In our Say It In 6 series, FSU graduate students do just that, sharing their graduate school and fellowship experiences in a half dozen words. Students then expand briefly on their "Say It In 6." Some reflect on why they chose to go to graduate school while others share how their fellowships have changed their lives. Click through to learn more about each student. FSU graduate students are among the best in the country; these are their stories.


Daren McCurdy [200x200].jpg

Daren McCurdy

"Never stop learning. Improve every day"

International Affairs

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Patrice Williams [200x200].jpg

Patrice Williams

"Freedom to focus on what matters."

Urban & Regional Planning

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Yonatan Binyam [200x200].JPG

Yonatan Binyam

"When you apply, good things happen."


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Dawn Betts-Green [200x200].jpg

Dawn Betts-Green

"Be the person younger me needed.'"

Library and Information Studies

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Miltonette Craig [200x200].jpg

Miltonette Craig

"Show others that they can too."

Criminology & Criminal Justice

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Matthew Gorfien [200x200].jpg

Matthew Gorfien

"To grow personally, professionally, and culturally."


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Kendra Mitchell [200x200].JPG

Kendra Mitchell

"My Ph.D. now has global significance."

Rhetoric and Composition Studies

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Mark Silver [200x200].jpg

Mark Silver

"Only immortal for a limited time."

Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Margaret Scheiner [200x200].jpeg

Margaret Scheiner

"Innovate to improve quality of life."

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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Cocoa Williams [200x200].png

Cocoa Williams

"Fund the work; pursue the dream."


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Rasheda Haughbrook [200x200].jpg

Rasheda Haughbrook

"Breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings."


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Sherrina Lofton [200x200].jpg

Sherrina Lofton

"Because it had to be me."

Sport Management

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