Past McKnight Doctoral and Dissertation Fellows

The McKnight Fellowship Program is a state-wide program administered through the Florida Education Fund (FEF). The program is designed to address the under-representation of African American and Hispanic faculty at colleges and universities in the state of Florida by increasing the pool of citizens qualified with Ph.D. degrees to teach at the college and university level. As a by-product, it is expected that employment opportunities in industry will also be expanded. The McKnight Doctoral Fellowship provides up to five years of funding support for newly enrolled African American and Hispanic graduate students who intend to seek a Ph.D. degree. The McKnight Dissertation Fellowship provides up to one year of stipend support to graduate students working to complete dissertations.

This page contains a list of recent past Fellows. Current fellows can be found here.

*Those marked with an asterisk are McKnight Dissertation Fellows.


Dissertation Fellows

Genevieve Bell Arts and Sciences Neuroscience
Pablo Correa Communication and Information School of Communication
Reginald Harris Business Management
Joel Mendez Social Sciences and Public Policy Urban and Regional Planning
Lakeisha Norton Education School of Teacher Education
Cocoa Williams Arts and Sciences English


Dissertation Fellows

Ashley Carter Human Sciences Nutrition & Food Science
Yolanda Franklin Arts & Sciences English
Jordyn Rosario Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminology
Jenay Sermon Education Higher Education


Caroline Bailey Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminology
Danisha Baker* Arts & Sciences Statistics
Kaleena Burkes* Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminology
Pierce Dignam Social Sciences & Public Policy Sociology
Kevin Elliot* Arts & Sciences Psychology
Vladimir Geneus* Arts & Sciences Statistics
Diane Lawong Business Business Administration
Clausell Mathis Education School of Teacher Education
Dunwoody Mirvil Music Music


Inger Daniels Business Finance
Kidane Dashew Arts & Sciences Neuroscience
Joshua Degraff Engineering Industrial Engineering
Gary Gramajo Arts & Sciences Statistics
Felicia Griffin Arts & Sciences Statistics
Sherelle Harmon Arts & Sciences Clinical Psychology
Amber Kinsey* Human Sciences Nutrition, Food & Exercise Sciences
Sherrina Lofton Education Sport Management
Heather Maranges Arts & Sciences Social Psychology
Jessica Martinez* Arts & Sciences Biological Sciences
Alyssa Rose Arts & Sciences Chemistry
Caroline Silva* Arts & Sciences Psychology
Connie Tenorio College of Medicine Biomedical Sciences
Lenzi Williams* Arts & Sciences Chemistry


Lyonna Alcantara Arts & Sciences Neuroscience
Jeffrey Anderson Business Marketing
Miltonette Craig Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminology
Eve Humphrey Arts & Sciences Biology
Rasheda Haughbrook Arts & Sciences Psychology
Joaquin Vaca Engineering Mechanical Engineering


Sidney Anderson Business Marketing
Yonatan Binyam Arts & Sciences Religion
Nefertiti Gaudig-Puplampu Education Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
Esther Spencer Arts & Sciences English
Tamara Stephens Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminology


Nathalia Borden Social Sciences & Public Policy Political Science
Jesus Chavarria Arts & Sciences Psychology
Marcus Elam Human Sciences Nutrition & Food Science
Janelle Jennings-Alexander Arts & Sciences English
Timothy Jones Business Finance
Ashley Sanders Arts & Sciences Mathematics
Sharde Smith Human Sciences Family & Child Sciences
Maydalis Torres Arts & Sciences Mathematics
Ira Wheaton Engineering Industrial Engineering


David Grasso Social Sciences & Public Policy Askew School of Public Administration
Cresean Hughes Criminology and Criminal Justice Criminology
Brandon Reese Engineering Mechanical Engineering
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