"To be the best in nanoscience."

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Luis Saucedo
McKnight Doctoral Fellowship


Since I was young I have always strived at being the best at what I do. Whether it was in the classroom or on a sports field, if I was going to put the time into participating I was going to be the best at it. This has carried over into my scientific career. While it’s true I could’ve worked in industry or a government lab with a bachelor’s degree, I felt graduate school was the only option to allow me to become “the best.” The thing I want most in my scientific career is to be known as a leader in nanoscience. As a first year graduate student I’m not yet sure whether that goal will be met through academia, industry, or government work. The biggest impact the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship will have on me will be the community and networking opportunities it provides. As the first person in my family to graduate with even a bachelor’s degree, graduate school is a completely unknown territory, which the McKnight will help me navigate.