Elizabeth Clendinning

Ph.D. student in Musicology
Critical Language Scholarship, 2011

“As a doctoral student in the Musicology program (with a focus in ethnomusicology) here at Florida State University, I have had the opportunity to study and teach about musical cultures from around the world, but none of them has fascinated me as much as the intricate and interlinked performing arts heritage of the island of Bali, Indonesia. I am currently the assistant director of the university’s Balinese gamelan, Sekaa Gong Hanuman Agung (directed by Dr. Michael B. Bakan), and am expanding my musical and dance skills in preparation for my studies in Bali.

My research will require participant-observation of Balinese musicians and dancers as they rehearse and perform for a variety of events, including temple rituals, competitions, and tourist shows. I must be proficient in Indonesian to communicate with them, and the ten weeks I spend studying Indonesian will provide me the communication foundations necessary for me to undertake my research.  Eventually, I hope to become a university professor and share my knowledge of the Indonesian performing arts with others through both courses and ensemble experiences. It is my belief that through understanding music, one can begin to appreciate the cultures of others, which is increasingly important in our globalized world.” Read more .